14067482_10154401362347768_1734101881098931876_n Hey there!! Thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Nichole Mitchell. I am 34 years young, and I have three little blessings 10 and under. I could recite my resume at this point, but why?! I would rather tell you a story about my life so far. After all, that IS what marketers do!

So, to sum up the last 16 years of my life: I was a customer service (and later a logistics) manager for Old Navy while completing my Bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. At that time, I was also the VP of membership for Alpha Kappa Psi-Beta Psi chapter at FSU. That should show you I am not afraid of a challenge and I work hard!!  I studied marketing back then and I am still so fascinated with it!  After graduation, I needed more on my plate, I guess, and I ended up landing a district management position for Kangaroo Express. At first, it wasn’t all that cool being an upper manager for a gas station chain, but the excitement of all the investigations really kept me going (80% of the gas stations shrink is internal)! I was doing sneaky stuff like sitting in the parking lot in a rental car watching the employees!! It was, again, very exciting!

Life took its first left turn on me derailing my plans, and I became pregnant with my second child one month after I filed for a divorce!! Talk about bad timing! I quickly realized I could not travel or stay out late spying on people with two babies as a newly single mom, so I left that job and went to Bed Bath & Beyond. What appealed to me with them was as a manager there I had the ability to purchase and manage my store as I chose as long as I could defend my decisions with sales. I guess I thought I was moving in more of a marketing direction (kinda silly looking back now). That turned out to be a BIG mistake! BBB treated me like dog poo!! It was so bad I refuse to shop there to this day! One (of the hundred) examples I have to illustrate this is in the span of a few months my mom had her leg amputated due to poor circulation caused by smoking cigarettes (yes, SMOKING– nothing else). Then her mother (my grandmother) passes away. I finally asked for a weekend off to go to the funeral  I was told (by the HR manager of all people) “we expect your grandparents to die”. I submitted my resignation within three weeks of that. I decided retail was not for me and took a position as an admissions counselor at Keiser University (a private college here in Florida). Because I was changing careers, I had to start at the bottom. I worked my way up to Associate Director in a year. I did that for the next four years until I was given the opportunity to move into a Directors position for Flagler College (another private college here). I took that job and was given the responsibility of marketing too. This reignited my passion for marketing and I realized how much things have changed since I graduated college. I was unfamiliar with the new world of digital and social media. I first sought out a mentor, but that did provide me with knowledge behind why they are doing what they do, so I then sought out the best IMC program in the country  (West Virginia University) where I am currently attending.

Life then took its second left turn, again derailing my plans, and my father passes away (also from smoking!! YES just smoking!). He had COPD and Emphysema. It had to be the most traumatic thing I have ever experienced watching someone carry out their last few weeks of life like a fish out of water and because he owned a small business (and didn’t plan properly) the last 30 something years of his life he had no health insurance, savings or anything!! His passing left my mom in a nursing home with nothing…literally! His death affected me deeper than word can describe, and suddenly those deadlines at work that caused me to miss some of the most important moments in both my kids AND my parents lives (i.e. my mom having her leg amputated) all of the sudden did not seem so important.

It was at this point I quit my job, took my mom out of the nursing home and moved back to where I grew up (the Florida Keys). I found a house on the water and I am now a stay-at-home mom, a caregiver to my mom while I finish my master’s degree at WVU, and I have started my own marketing business.

That’s it! That’s my story so far. More to come…