A one-man marketing team is a BIG job! The key to navigating this role successfully is going to be understanding how to win friends and influence people! It’s knowing how to sell the solution to a problem and not your marketing ideas.

If you are one-man content marketing team, what are some ways that you can motivate or incentivize others to help your marketing efforts?

A content marketer with a limited budget may find that asking from business units other than marketing departments is necessary to create additional content (Didner, Pg. 18, 2014).  One way to do this may be to team up with a department who shares a similar goal as yours. One example, which I briefly discussed in my initial discussion response to professor Didner, is in a college the sales (or admissions) departments may have a need to increase enrollments in a specific program and the marketing department has a non-program specific promotion goal. One way to compromise in this situation would be to incentivize the admissions department to allocate budget funds to help create program-specific content, which will allow both departments to accomplish their goals.

Since the budget for content creation may be overlooked or assumed to reside in other line items such as web marketing, events, lead generation, advertising, and so on (Didner, Pg. 18, 2014), the content marketer should make it a priority to be included in the marketing planning process (ideally of course). Content marketing is about educating and influencing people before decisions are made (Didner, Pg. 21, 2014). To be specific, a content marketer can do this by being proactive and anticipating the other department’s needs. By being proactive and anticipating a solution to a problem they may be experiencing, I will be building trust and an alliance between the two departments. Once the trust is established, when ideas are presented in the planning process, they may be more likely to accept them as they will ‘trust’ that we are all on the same team. Help your customers connect the dots they don’t see. The customers in this example are your internal customers, and it is the content marketer’s job to help the departments to connects the dots they don’t see by matching their departmental needs (or goals) to your content marketing plan. When conducting your content marketing efforts, it is important to align your marketing and sales team to create and execute your campaigns to get maximum results (Hausman, 2017).



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