5 Keys to a Successful Mobile App:

  • Test & Market the App- Don’t just jump on the band wagon. Not every company needs a mobile application. CMOs should adopt a culture of data-driven decision making and build their app incrementally (Olenski, 2015). It’s essential to attract a first batch of users to test metrics and understand the real value of each user before continuing with more systematic campaigns (Larizadeh, 2013).
  • Gain User Acceptance- User acceptance is essential for the success of any [mobile application]. Low levels of user acceptance, software design that does not match the end-user environment, and/or unforeseen challenges such as irregular power availability. These challenges are often attributable to a lack of understanding by the software developers of the end users’ needs and work environment (Vélez, Okyere, Kanter, & Bakken, 2014).
  • Be Compatible- Consumers today use a broad range of mobile devices, and you never know which specific type of device a customer will be using (Relander, 2015).
  • Be Connected- Applications need must connect to data from numerous back end systems (Lopez, 2015). Consumers who receive email marketing want their email addresses to be recognized and connected to the mobile app.
  • Engage with the End Consumer- Don’t make the mistake of treating mobile as a one-way street (Redsicker, P. 2012). Consumers, especially millennials, derive value from being engaged in product development, advertising, social interactions, and other facets of the marketing process (Fromm, & Garton, 2013).