There are many different ways to write a creative brief. This is considered one of the most important documents (in my opinion), and yet we spend the least amount of time on it. Why is that? The creative brief should be written in a simple and focused format to allow for easy understanding.

Here are two examples I have written to give you an idea of how to write a creative brief.

Creative Brief #1

Key West Institute for Plastic Surgery


What is known about the product and its history?

Dr. Lesson is a double board-certified plastic surgeon in both plastic and reconstructive surgery.  He has over twenty-one years of clinical experience. All procedures are done in a hospital with highly qualified professionals, the doctor includes a year of post-surgery follow-up visits (if needed) at no additional costs. Breast augmentation continues to be the top cosmetic surgical procedure and has been since 2006 (ASPS, 2013). Research also shows that 2.6 million cosmetic procedures were done on women between the ages 30-39 in 2013 (ASPS, 2013).

Whom are we talking to?

Dr. Lesson would like to increase the volume of breast augmentations and implants being done in his office. The focus will be on women between the ages of 24-35 living in the Florida Keys and Miami area.

 What do they currently think?

Procedures in Key West, FL are too expensive and can be done much cheaper in Miami, FL.

What is the negative associated with the product/company?

The cost.

The recovery time.

The fear of having surgery.

 What’s the brand?

“Destination: A New Me”

Dr. Lesson would like to later be known all over the country as the destination plastic surgery spot. In order to do that, we will start with the locals in the Keys and in Miami. Key West is known for its relaxation and with this brand, we will partner Dr. Lessons skills and abilities with the well-known relaxation and vacation spot of Key West in people’s mind. People can not only come to Key West to escape the “city of Miami” but to also escape their insecurities.


 Creative Brief #2

Flagler College- Tallahassee

What is known about the product and its history?

Flagler College is a prestigious private school located in St. Augustine Florida. The college was founded in 1968. In 2016, has been ranked #6 in the 2016 edition od Best Colleges. Flagler College opened a branch campus on Tallahassee Community College campus in 2000 to provide graduating students the opportunity to attend a private college at state school prices. Students who attend Flagler College get the benefit of small class sizes and career-focused education at a much lower cost.

 Whom are we talking to?

Students who have completed an Associate’s degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA, and who are seeking a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, strategic communications, or early childhood education.

Since the branch campus is located on the Tallahassee Community College Campus, Flagler College- Tallahassee can only accept students who have completed an associate’s degree with a minimum 2.0 GPA. Flagler cannot compete with the community college’s enrollment, so although the Flagler College in St. Augustine can accept freshman, the Flagler College-Tallahassee can only accept Juniors.

The community college also has partnerships with other private colleges on campus. Flagler College and the other private colleges such as St.  Leo, Barry University, St. Thomas University, Embry Riddle all offer different degrees and are not allowed to compete with one another as part of a partnership agreement.

 What do they currently think?

Flagler College is not a “name brand” school. Flagler College will not look as good as Florida State or FAMU on their resume.

 What is the negative associated with the product/company?

Limited program options.

No college life (i.e. a football team, sororities, fraternities, etc.)

 What’s the brand?

Affordable private education- Current

Outsmart College- My idea

(Students can live in Tallahassee and take advantage of the FSU/FAMU parties while getting their education, staying out of debt, and living better)